Stanley Kam Sing Wong

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AIM Several short-term studies have reported the efficacy of high-dose ARB in reducing proteinuria in patients with diabetic nephropathy. The benefits of long-term high-dose ARB losartan in IgA nephritis have not been explored. METHOD This was a 6-year randomized trial in 207 patients with IgA nephritis comparing high-dose ARB (losartan 200 mg/day) with(More)
CONTEXT The effect of a variety of preadmission variables, including the number of elective preadmission upper-level science courses, on academic achievement is not well established. OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between number of preadmission variables and overall student academic achievement in osteopathic medical school. METHODS Academic(More)
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the remote collection of consumption data from customer’s utility meters over telecommunications, radio, power line and other links. AMR provides water, electric and gas utility service companies the opportunity to streamline metering, billing and collection activities, increase operational efficiency and improve customer(More)
WiFi connectivity is a necessity as most of the mobile devices nowadays are coming with built-in WiFi adaptors. WiFi enables your electronic gadgets to ‘talk’ to other gadgets and to control and being controlled by other gadgets via Internet without complicated cabling systems. You can use your mobile phone to talk, to download, to control your TV, home(More)
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