Stanley J. Miklavcic

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The shapes of plant leaves are important features to biologists, as they can help in distinguishing plant species, measuring their health, analyzing their growth patterns, and understanding relations between various species. Most of the methods that have been developed in the past focus on comparing the shape of individual leaves using either descriptors or(More)
The shapes of plant leaves are of great importance to plant biologists and botanists, as they can help to distinguish plant species and measure their health. In this paper, we study the performance of the Squared Root Velocity Function (SRVF) representation of closed planar curves in the analysis of plant-leaf shapes. We show that it provides a joint(More)
In this paper, we present and discuss a mathematical model of ion uptake and transport in roots of plants. The underlying physical model of transport is based on the mechanisms of forced diffusion and convection. The model can take account of local variations in effective ion and water permeabilities across the major tissue regions of plant roots,(More)
We simulate the competitive uptake and transport of a mixed salt system in the differentiated tissues of plant roots. The results are based on a physical model that includes both forced diffusion and convection by the transpiration stream. The influence of the Casparian strip on regulating apoplastic flow, the focus of the paper, is modelled by varying ion(More)
We present and explore a kinetic model of ion transport across and between the membranes of an isolated plant cell with an emphasis on the cell's response to salt (Na(+)) stress. The vacuole, cytoplasm and apoplast are treated as concentric regions separated by tonoplast and plasma membranes. The model includes the transport of Na(+), K(+), Cl(-) and H(+)(More)
A generally applicable theoretical model describing light propagating through turbid media is proposed. The theory is a generalization of the revised Kubelka-Munk theory, extending its applicability to accommodate a wider range of absorption influences. A general expression for a factor taking into account the effect of scattering on the total photon path(More)
We extend the applicability of the recently revised Kubelka-Munk (K-M) theory to inhomogeneous optical media by treating inhomogeneous ink penetration of the substrate. We propose a method for describing light propagation in either homogeneous or inhomogeneous layers using series representations for the K-M scattering and absorption coefficients as well as(More)
Root branching is a fundamental phenotypic property of a root system. In this paper we present a system for the fully automated detection and classification of root tips in root images obtained either by 2D flat bed scanning or by 3D digital camera imaging. With our system we aim to provide a robust, efficient and accurate means of phenotyping of roots.(More)
This paper outlines a numerical scheme for accurate, detailed, and high-throughput image analysis of plant roots. In contrast to existing root image analysis tools that focus on root system-average traits, a novel, fully automated and robust approach for the detailed characterization of root traits, based on a graph optimization process is presented. The(More)