Stanley Hattman

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A nomenclature is described for restriction endonucleases, DNA methyltransferases, homing endonucleases and related genes and gene products. It provides explicit categories for the many different Type II enzymes now identified and provides a system for naming the putative genes found by sequence analysis of microbial genomes.
DNA methyltransferases methylate target bases within specific nucleotide sequences. Three structures are described for bacteriophage T4 DNA-adenine methyltransferase (T4Dam) in ternary complexes with partially and fully specific DNA and a methyl-donor analog. We also report the effects of substitutions in the related Escherichia coli DNA methyltransferase(More)
Fifty-eight women and forty-three men are eligible to receive their degrees at the Diploma Ceremony of the Department of Biology being held on Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 2:30 p.m. in the River Road Auditorium. The one hundred and one men and women of the Class of 2003 have satisfactorily completed the requirements for one of the four Biology Department(More)
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