Stanley Habib

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Run-time Alias Disambiguation (RTD) has been proposed as a technique for pointer aliasing. This paper suggests several RTD approaches which may be used for DOACROSS scheduling to exploit coarse-grained parallelism. We analyze the rerollability problem in the transformation of those RTD approaches to software pipelining in order to exploit the instruction(More)
Beijii loo084 Chim ABSTRACT We propose a VLIW architectural model for optimal execution of branch-intensive loops as well as a new single-chip architecture URPR-2 for digital signal and image processing based on this model. In this architecture the instructions belonging to different iterations and different paths can be executed simultaneously. Instruction(More)
This special section focuses primarily on high-level language concepts applicable to microprogramming. The notion of "micro-programming" is best explained in terms of more familiar levels of programming. Let us identify the configuration of the hardware system as the /0 level. Machine language programming (or "assembly lan-guage" coding) is at the/2 level.(More)
There have been several machine designs using microproprammed control which interpretively execute intermediate code such as P code and earlier version such as POPS. The recently announced Modula language uses M code as an intermediate language This paper describes how an AM-DAM2900 bit slice aechitecture was used to implement the interpretive execution of(More)
Operational specification is a method of documenting specifications for systems which separates the implementation details from the problem requirements details. Operational specification permits simulation of the specification enabling the specification creator to test the specification to see how well it satisfies prescribed functional requirements. The(More)