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To understand how selection acts on performance capacity, the ecological role of the performance trait being measured must be determined. Knowing if and when an animal uses maximal performance capacity may give insight into what specific selective pressures may be acting on performance, because individuals are expected to use close to maximal capacity only(More)
Sexual selection operates by acting on variation in mating success. However, since selection acts on whole-organism manifestations (i.e., performance) of underlying morphological traits, tests for phenotypic effects of sexual selection should consider whole-animal performance as a substrate for sexual selection. Previous studies have revealed positive(More)
transport in undisturbed and disturbed dryland ecosystems along the grassland-forest continuum: A conceptual framework spanning gradients of woody plants. Geomorphology 105: 28-38. Tree die-off in response to global-change-type drought: mortality insights from a decade of plant water potential measurements. 2009. Effects of varying densities and(More)
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