Stanley E. Weinstein

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Medical and surgical missions in Third World countries are mentally, physically, and financially demanding; however, there are many foot and ankle surgeons volunteering their time because it provides high levels of personal and emotional satisfaction. After many years in the missionary field, we would like to share a compilation study of our long-term(More)
Does 234 Th/ 238 U disequilibrium provide an accurate record of the export flux of particulate organic carbon from the upper ocean? Abstract The magnitude of the flux of biogenic particulate organic carbon (POC) exported from the surface waters of the world ocean and remineralized at depth is critical to constraining models of the global carbon cycle, yet(More)
In this paper, the problem of best uniform polynomial approximation to a continuous function on a compact set X is approached through the partitioning of X and the definition of norms corresponding to the partition and each of the standard Lp norms 1 g p < oo. For computational convenience, a pseudo norm is defined corresponding to each partition. When the(More)
Until recently, there were no standardized approaches to the diagnosis of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the leading cause of death in the age group of one week to one year in the United States. This has led to confusion among professionals and hardships for parents and families. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Act of 1974 provided funding for the(More)
  • S Weinstein
  • 1983
This study examined change in attitudes about international health efforts among health educators who participated in graduate study-abroad programs in Japan and Jamaica. No statistically significant changes were found in levels of hostility toward other nations or attitude toward international health cooperation. However, correlations found between(More)