Stanley D Erk

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Central dopamine-2 (D2) receptors are importantly involved in the pathogenesis and treatment of schizophrenia. Central D2 receptors are also involved in thermoregulation. Recently, a type of central nervous system proportional control thermostat was described that governs the magnitude of several serotonin receptor-mediated core body thermoregulatory(More)
A multitude of antimicrobial agents have become available over the past two decades. Appropriate use of these drugs demands not only an understanding of the antimicrobial spectrum of the agent but of the necessary dose adjustments because of renal or hepatic impairment. The use of computer-assisted pharmacokinetic modeling for dosing potentially toxic drugs(More)
A method is described for determination of 1,2-propanediol dinitrate in blood at concentrations ranging from 10 ng/ml up to 25,000 ng/ml. It used double ether extraction with manual shaking in order to complete sample preparation within 5 min. Samples are analyzed via gas chromatography-electron-capture detection using a column of 3% base deactivated(More)
A comparison of different regiments of ribavirin (R), administered either orally or by aerosol, was performed in 16 elderly subjects (13 men, 3 women, mean age 63 +/- 8 years) considered to be in the "high-risk" category for complications from influenza as defined by the Centers for Disease Control. The subjects were divided into four groups. Group O-600(More)
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