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|This paper describes hardware that has been built to compress video in real time using full-search vector quan-tization (VQ). This architecture implements a diierential-vector-quantization (DVQ) algorithm and features a special-purpose digital associative memory, the VAMPIRE chip, which has been fabricated in 2m CMOS. We describe the DVQ algorithm, its(More)
We study the codeword distribution for a conscience-type competitive learning algorithm, frequency sensitive competitive learning (FSCL), using one-dimensional input data. We prove that the asymptotic codeword density in the limit of large number of codewords is given by a power law of the form Q(x)=C.P(x)(alpha), where P(x) is the input data density and(More)
—This paper presents an object tracking method for object-based video processing which uses a two-dimensional (2-D) Gabor wavelet transform (GWT) and a 2-D golden section algorithm. An object in the current frame is modeled by local features from a number of the selected feature points, and the global placement of these feature points. The feature points(More)
SUMMARY An efficient method for simulating instruction sets is described. The method allows for compiled instruction set simulation using the macro expansion capabilities found in many languages. Additionally, we show how the semantics of the C case statement allows instruction branching to be incorporated in an efficient manner. The method is compared with(More)
Data-intensive research using distributed, federated, person-level datasets in near real time has the potential to transform social, behavioral, economic, and health sciences--but issues around privacy, confidentiality, access, and data integration have slowed progress in this area. When technology is properly used to manage both privacy concerns and(More)