Stanley Aladi

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Stimuli that possess inherently rewarding or aversive qualities elicit emotional responses and also induce learning by imparting valence upon neutral sensory cues. Evidence has accumulated implicating the amygdala as a critical structure in mediating these processes. We have developed a genetic strategy to identify the representations of rewarding and(More)
Previously, priming rhesus macaques with Adenovirus type 5 host range mutant-recombinants encoding Tat and Env and boosting with Tat and Env protein in MPL-SE controlled chronic viremia by 4 logs following homologous intravenous SHIV89.6P challenge. Here we evaluated Tat, Env, and Tat/Env regimens for immunogenicity and protective efficacy using clade C(More)
It has been proposed that microbial translocation might play a role in chronic immune activation during HIV/SIV infection. Key roles in fighting bacterial and fungal infections have been attributed to Th17 and Tc17 cells. Th17 cells can be infected with HIV/SIV, however whether effective vaccination leads to their maintenance following viral challenge has(More)
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