Stanislaw Sieniutycz

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A novel trend in the theory of thermodynamic limits for energy convertors and traditional heat & mass exchangers is analysed where certain special controls called the Carnot control variables play a common role. In terms of these controls an expression for the lost work has the same form in irreversible energy convertors and in traditional processes of(More)
This research presents a unified approach to power limits in power producing and power consuming systems, in particular those using renewable resources. As a benchmark system which generates or consumes power, a well-known standardized arrangement is considered, in which two different reservoirs are separated by an engine or a heat pump. Either of these(More)
nonequilibrium statistical mechanics we focus on nonequilibrium corrections Δs to entropy and energy of the fluid in terms of the nonequilibrium density distribution function, f. We also evaluate coefficients of wave model of heat such as: relaxation time, propagation speed and thermal inertia. With these data a quadratic Lagrangian and a variational(More)