Stanislaw Migórski

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In the paper we examine nonlinear evolution hemivariational inequality defined on a Gelfand fivefold of spaces. First we show that the problem with multivalued and L-pseudomonotone operator and zero initial data has a solution. Then the existence result is established in the case when the operator is single valued of Leray–Lions type and the initial(More)
The paper offers a new approach to handling difficult parametric inverse problems in elasticity and thermo-elasticity, formulated as global optimization ones. The proposed strategy is composed of two phases. In the first, global phase, the stochastic hp-HGS algorithm recognizes the basins of attraction of various objective minima. In the second phase, the(More)
A class of variational-hemivariational inequalities is studied in this paper. An inequality in the class involves two nonlinear operators and two nondifferentiable functionals, of which at least one is convex. An existence and uniqueness result is proved for a solution of the inequality. Continuous dependence of the solution on the data is shown.(More)
We consider the identification problem of three operators having different properties for the systems governed by nonlinear second order evolution inclusions with the Volterra integral term. For the abstract identification problem, we show the existence of optimal solutions. We provide applications to evolution hemivariational inequalities and to(More)