Stanislaw M. Gubanski

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This work presents results of bulk conductivity and surface potential decay measurements on low-density polyethylene and its nanocomposites filled with uncoated MgO and Al2O3, with the aim to highlight the effect of the nanofillers on charge transport processes. Material samples at various filler contents, up to 9 wt %, were prepared in the form of thin(More)
Polyethylene nanocomposites based on functionalized ZnO nano/hierarchical particles with highly effective interfacial surface area are presented, for the next generation of ultralow transmission-loss high-voltage DC insulating materials.
Composites of LDPE filled with different amounts of graphene nanoplatelets (GnP) were prepared in form of films by means of precoating technique and single screw melt-extrusion using two types of screws, compression and mixing. This manufacturing process imposes strong anisotropy on the sample’s morphology, in which the nanoplatelets become oriented along(More)
The use of MgO nanoparticles in polyethylene for cable insulation has attracted considerable interest, although in humid media the surface regions of the nanoparticles undergo a conversion to a hydroxide phase. A facile method to obtain MgO nanoparticles with a large surface area and remarkable inertness to humidity is presented. The method involves (a) low(More)
Fullerenes are shown to be efficient voltage-stabilizers for polyethylene, i.e., additives that increase the dielectric strength of the insulation material. Such compounds are highly sought-after because their use in power-cable insulation may considerably enhance the transmission efficiency of tomorrow's power grids. On a molal basis, fullerenes are the(More)
Electrical trees are one reason for the breakdown of insulating materials in electrical power systems. An understanding of the growth of electrical trees plays a crucial role in the development of reliable high voltage direct current (HVDC) power grid systems with transmission voltages up to 1 MV. A section that contained an electrical tree in low-density(More)
Long-time exposure of polyamides to energetic discharges and oxidizing gases can cause modifications of their dielectric properties. To quantify the effect, samples of pure and filled polyamides were aged in a corona treatment system. The corona induced changes in complex permittivity of both materials were investigated utilizing frequency domain dielectric(More)
Voltage stabilizers are additives capable of inhibiting electrical treeing; a degradation mechanism for insulation materials subjected to strong divergent electric fields. The intended use is in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) high voltage power cable insulation where minute defects in the manufacturing process can give rise to the conditions needed for(More)
Calculations of effective parameters (inductance and resistance) of transformer windings, including core characteristics, are presented in this paper. Both anisotropic nature of the core and eddy currents in the electrical steel sheets are accounted for. A 3D model is developed and used to find out the inductance and resistance of transformer windings in(More)