Stanislaw Kozlowski

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In this longitudinal study we sought to investigate the presence of different abnormal fetal growth patterns in the pregnant diabetic. At least three serial ultrasound examinations were performed during the third trimester on 522 diabetic and 93 control subjects. Growth curves were established for femur length, abdominal circumference and head(More)
The purpose was to test the hypothesis that the magnitude of the reduction in peak oxygen uptake (VO2) after bed rest is directly proportional to the level of pre-bed rest peak VO2. Complete pre- and post-bed rest working capacity and body weight data were available from three studies involving 24 men (19-24 yr; peak VO2, 2.39-4.80 l . min-1) and 8 women(More)
Changes in lipoportein lipase activity/LPLA/ in the quadriceps femoris muscle were followed in ten dogs during 3-hour treadmill exercise and 2-hour post-exercise recovery period. During the first hour of exercise muscle LPLA steeply increased. Subsequently the enzyme activity tended to plateau. After exercise LPLA decreased to the pre-exercise value within(More)
Changes in serum total thyroxine concentration (TT4) and the effects of thyroxine (T4) and 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (T3) injection on plasma free fatty acid (FFA) level and rectal temperature (Tre) responses were measured in six dogs at rest and during 1 h of submaximal treadmill exercise. At rest there were no increases in FFA level or Tre up to 72 h after(More)
We evaluated virtual crossmatching (VXM) for organ allocation and immunologic risk reduction in sensitized isolated intestinal transplantation recipients. All isolated intestine transplants performed at our institution from 2008 to 2011 were included in this study. Allograft allocation in sensitized recipients was based on the results of a VXM, in which the(More)