Stanislaw Chodynicki

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The aim of this study was to determine the distribution and apoptotic capacity in the various layers of cholesteatoma epithelium compared to the normal skin. Cholesteatomas were collected during surgical procedures of the ear. Normal skin specimens taken from the retroauricular area served as controls. Apoptosis was detected by using highly specific(More)
An association between cell adhesion molecules expression in neoplastic tissues and cancer progression has been the focus of many recent studies. In certain tumours down-regulation of CD44 expression has been linked to the poor prognosis. The aim of the study was to evaluate CD44 expression and to determine the correlation between CD44 expression and the(More)
103 patients with cancer of the larynx treated with partial laryngectomy were presented. Voice quality before and after surgery was compared. Voice was analysed by subjective and objective-spectrographic methods. Partial laryngectomies consisted of: vertical, horizontal and supraglottic subtotal procedures. The least dysphony was found in horizontal(More)
Human middle ear ossicles removed from cadavers and during surgical procedures have been examined with scanning electron microscope (SEM). Two kinds of bone tissue compose ossicles: periosteal and endochrondral bone. Periosteal bone occurs in the form of external covering on the ossicles. In the middle of the ossicles there is endochrondral bone which shows(More)