Stanislaw Chodorowski

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Several series of pyrocarbon-mineral adsorbents (carbosils) were studied using the nitrogen adsorption method to compute structural and energetic parameters within the scope of overall adsorption isotherm approximation applying a regularization procedure with consideration for surface heterogeneity. A portion of pyrocarbon deposits (graphene clusters) fills(More)
Natural bentonite spent in the process of plant oil bleaching was used as an initial material for preparation of carbon-mineral adsorbents. The spent bleaching earth was treated using four procedures: T (thermal treatment); H (hydrothermal treatment); C (thermal treatment with addition of CCl4 vapor); M (modification of porous structure). Raw bentonite, RB(More)
Waste bleaching earth from the food industry obtained in the process of fruit juice purification was utilized for preparation of carbon-mineral adsorbents. The waste material, containing 25.8 wt% C, was subjected to three kinds of treatment: (1) direct pyrolysis at 400 degrees C with a suitable temperature program; (2) preliminary hydrothermal modification(More)
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