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In the paper an adaptive linear control system structure with modal controllers for a MIMO nonlinear dynamic process is presented and various methods for synthesis of those controllers are analyzed. The problems under study are exemplified by the synthesis of a position and yaw angle control system for a drillship described by a 3DOF nonlinear mathematical(More)
In the paper a multicontroller-based switchable control system structure is proposed to control nonlinear MIMO plants. The considered structure contains a set of linear feedback controllers operating together with an additional, statically decoupled loop of the control system. The nonlinear model of a drilling vessel in three degrees of freedom (3DOF) on(More)
The paper presents the training problem of a set of neural nets to obtain a (gain-scheduling, adaptive) multivariable neural controller for control of a nonlinear MIMO dynamic process represented by a mathematical model of Low-Frequency (LF) motions of a drillship over the drilling point at the sea bottom. The designed neural controller contains a set of(More)
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