Stanislav Yu Veselov

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Removal of four out of five roots did not lower transpiration and stomatal conductivity of wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) seedlings. Water content of mature expanded leaf lamina remained constant at control levels. The results suggest that the only remaining root was capable to supply the shoot with water. This was evidenced by an increase in hydraulic(More)
Phytohormone production is one mechanism by which rhizobacteria can stimulate plant growth, but it is not clear whether the bacteria gain from this mechanism. The hypothesis that microbial-derived cytokinin phytohormones stimulate root exudation of amino acids was tested. The rhizosphere of wheat plants was drenched with the synthetic cytokinin trans-zeatin(More)
Root cooling of 7-day-old wheat seedlings decreased root hydraulic conductivity causing a gradual loss of relative water content during 45 min (RWC). Subsequently (in 60 min), RWC became partially restored due to a decrease in transpiration linked to lower stomatal conductivity. The decrease in stomatal conductivity cannot be attributed to ABA-induced(More)
Changes in resource (mineral nutrients and water) availability, due to their heterogeneous distribution in space and time, affect plant development. Plants need to sense these changes to optimize growth and biomass allocation by integrating root and shoot growth. Since a limited supply of water or nutrients can elicit similar physiological responses (the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Regulation of water channel aquaporins (AQPs) provides another mechanism by which abscisic acid (ABA) may influence water flow through plants. To the best of our knowledge, no studies have addressed the changes in ABA levels, the abundance of AQPs and root cell hydraulic conductivity (LpCell) in the same tissues. Thus, we followed the(More)
Heat shock (HS) at 40 degrees C was given to the root system of Nicotiana tabacum wild type (WT) and to HSIPT transgenic plants transformed with the bacterial cytokinin biosynthesis gene isopentenyltransferase (ipt) cloned behind the heat shock 70 promoter from Drosophila melanogaster. HS increased cytokinin concentrations in roots and leaves of transgenic(More)
Removing 4 out of 5 serminal roots from 7-day-old wheat seedlings arrested leaf elongation for 1.5 h. This effect can be explained by an initial decrease in foliar water content resulting from the smaller root surface area available for water uptake. Subsequently, leaf hydration increased with time and came to equal that of intact plants within 2 h. The(More)
Inhibition of lettuce plant growth under increased planting density was accompanied by accumulation of abscisic acid (ABA) in the shoots of competing plants. To check causal relationship between these responses we studied the effect of decreased synthesis of ABA on growth indexes and hormonal balance of lettuce plants under elevated density of their(More)
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