Stanislav Straupe

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The novel experimental realization of four-level optical quantum systems (ququarts) is presented. We exploit the polarization properties of the frequency nondegenerate biphoton field to obtain such systems. A simple method that does not rely on am interferometer is used to generate and measure the sequence of states that can be used in quantum key(More)
Transformation and detection of photons in higher-order spatial modes usually requires complicated holographic techniques. Detectors based on spatial holograms suffer from non-idealities and should be carefully calibrated. We report a novel method for analyzing the quality of projective measurements in spatial mode basis inspired by quantum detector(More)
We report an experimental realization of an adaptive quantum state tomography protocol. Our method takes advantage of a Bayesian approach to statistical inference and is naturally tailored for adaptive strategies. For pure states, we observe close to N −1 scaling of infidelity with overall number of registered events, while the best nonadaptive protocols(More)
Spatial states of single photons and spatially entangled photon pairs are becoming an important resource in quantum communication. This additional degree of freedom provides an almost unlimited information capacity, making the development of high-quality sources of spatial entanglement a well-motivated research direction. We report an experimental method(More)
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