Stanislav Stoykov

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The dynamics of beams that undergo large displacements is analyzed in frequency domain and comparisons between models derived by isogeometric analysis and p-FEM are presented. The equation of motion is derived by the principle of virtual work, assuming Timoshenko's theory for bending and geometrical type of nonlinearity. As a result, a nonlinear system of(More)
Plates are structures which have wide applications among engineering constructions. The knowledge of the dynamical behavior of plates is important for their design and maintenance. The dynamical behavior of the plate can change significantly due to bifurcation points which arise due to the nonlinear terms at the equation of motion in the presence of large(More)
Elastic structures with material or geometrical discontinuities often appear among engineering applications. The appropriate usage of space discretization functions is essential for deriving mathematical models with sufficient accuracy. In the current work, a beam with stoppers is considered as an example of elastic structure with discontinuities. The p-(More)
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