Stanislav Stoyanov

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The paper describes a generic service-oriented and agent-based approach for the development of eLearning intelligent system architectures providing mobile access to electronic services (eServices) and electronic content (eContent) for users equipped with wireless devices, via a set of infoStations deployed in key points around a University Campus. The(More)
The paper presents two heuristic algorithms for scheduling jobs, using constrained common resource into an environment, consisted of identical connected computers. The particular case with equal or greater number of computers than the number of jobs is explored. The results, obtained by the proposed heuristic algorithms are compared to the exact solution,(More)
The paper presents the problem about scheduling of parallel jobs with concurrent access to a common data source in a class of financial systems. A genetic algorithm for simulating various schedules, based on predicted execution times, is proposed. The algorithm aims to define a schedule, preventing the concurrent access to the data source, which would(More)
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