Stanislav S. Makhanov

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Keywords: Active contours Breast cancer Ultra sound images Direction score Convergence Numerical experiments Ground truth Ultrasound images of breast cancer a b s t r a c t Segmentation of ultrasound (US) images of breast cancer is one of the most challenging problems of the modern medical image processing. A number of popular codes for US segmentation are(More)
This paper proposes a novel segmentation method based on the scale space techniques endowed with a feature stability approach. The novelty of the paper is the lifetime of the space-scale blobs measured not only by their presence and disappearance but by the stability of the features characterizing the objects of interest as well. Our numerical experiments(More)
We consider a two-unit cold standby system attended by two repairmen and subjected to a priority rule. In order to describe the random behavior of the twin system, we employ a stochastic process endowed with state probability functions satisfying coupled Hokstadtype differential equations. An explicit evaluation of the exact solution is in general quite(More)
The paper presents a simple, parameter-free method to detect the optic disc in retinal images. It works efficiently for blurred and noisy images with a varying ratio OD/image size. The method works equally well on images with different characteristics which often cause standard methods to fail or require a new round of training. The proposed method has been(More)
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is an infant disease characterized by increased dilation and tortuosity of the retinal blood vessels. Automatic tortuosity evaluation from retinal digital images is very useful to facilitate an ophthalmologist in the ROP screening and to prevent childhood blindness. This paper proposes a method to automatically classify the(More)
We propose a modification of the generalized gradient vector flow field techniques based on a continuous force field analysis. At every iteration the generalized gradient vector flow method obtains a new, improved vector field. However, the numerical procedure always employs the original image to calculate the gradients used in the source term. The basic(More)
The geographic information system industry would benefit from flexible automated systems capable of extracting linear structures from satellite imagery. Quadratic snakes allow global interactions between points along a contour, and are well suited to segmentation of linear structures such as roads. However, a single quadratic snake is unable to extract(More)
We present two new algorithms (which supplement Algorithms 1, 2 and 3 presented in part 1) to optimize the tool path of the five-axis numerically controlled milling machine. Algorithm 4 optimizes a set of feasible rotations. Algorithm 5 presents a least-square optimization with regard to a setup of the machine © 2006 IMACS. Published by Elsevier B.V. All(More)