Stanislav Ponomarev

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Results of innate and adaptive immunity indicators research at 12 cosmonauts who took part in long (128-215 days) expeditions to the International space station (ISS) are presented. It is shown that a space flight can lead to deflection of deviations in human immune system. These shifts occurred in decrease of phagocytes, NK, T-lymphocytes functional(More)
As the technologies used for the safe and efficient delivery of power become more sophisticated, the amount of system state parameters being recorded increases. This data not only provides an opportunity for monitoring and diagnostics of the power system but also creates an environment wherein security can be maintained. Being able to extract relevant(More)
Modern networking architecture is designed with high scalability in mind. Different protocols can be encapsulated to support different systems. Machine identifiers (IP and MAC addresses) in network packets can be modified easily. This modification prevents servers from determining whether the connecting machines are allowed to communicate. Cryptographic(More)
Until recently, industrial control systems (ICSs) used “air-gap” security measures, where every node of the ICS network was isolated from other networks, including the Internet, by a physical disconnect. Attaching ICS networks to the Internet benefits companies and engineers who use them. However, as these systems were designed for use in the(More)
Research efforts to develop malicious application detection algorithms have been a priority ever since the discovery of the first "viruses". Various methods are used to search and identify these malicious applications. One such method, n-gram analysis, can be implemented to extract features from binary files. These features are then be used by machine(More)
—Securing the critical infrastructure power grid is one of the biggest challenges in securing cyberspace. In this environment , control devices are spread across large geographic distances and utilize several mediums for communication. Given the required network topology of the power grid several entry points may exist that can be utilized for compromising(More)
The results of studying the system of the osteoprotegerin/receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (OPG/RANKL) in 22 Russian cosmonauts after long-term (124–199 days) International Space Station missions are presented. It was found that early readaptation period is associated with changes in the serum concentrations of OPG and RANKL and the(More)
The study of the adaptive immunity system of six test subjects volunteered for a 105-day isolation and confinement in an artificial environment showed activation of the immune system and overstrain and depletion of its functional reserve. Significant differences in the adaptability of the immune system of the test subjects indicate individual susceptibility(More)
Studies on adaptive immunity of six subjects who volunteered for 105-day isolation and confinement showed activation of the immune system, overstraining and even depletion of the immunity functional reserve. Significant differences in adaptability of the immune system of the subjects indicate individual-specific susceptibility to disorders of immune(More)
The paper deals with the results of the effects of 520-day isolation and confinement modeling some elements of a mission to Mars on the immune system. Longitudinal analyses revealed that the mechanisms of adaptive response of the human immune system to the conditions of extremely long isolation led to a change of the parameters, characterizing innate and(More)