Stanislav Peharec

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3D shape reconstruction is a common task in many areas of interests. Yet, very often it involves sophisticated hardware and software. This paper represents cheap and simple system, both in hardware and software sense, for 3D subjects shape reconstruction. It consists of video camera(s) and video projector and is based on well known principle of structured(More)
Spinal and pelvis motion has been studied by a variety of different methods, the majority of which have a number of limitations. The present study investigated motion characteristics of the lumbar spine and pelvis using a three-dimensional optoelectronic system. The aim of our study was to determine kinematic parameters of spine and pelvis during trunk(More)
OBJECTIVES (A) Describe a new method of investigation of the possible muscular effects of the commonly practiced Mills manipulation for lateral elbow pain (epicondylalgia), (B) ascertain if myoelectric activity is influenced during the pre-manipulative stretch for Mills manipulation, (C) establish whether muscle responses are influenced by ipsilateral(More)
Compared to a 2D plate camera calibration and a traditional 3D calibration cage, it is generally regarded that a wand-based camera calibration of 3D photogrammetric systems is more user-friendly. Not surprisingly, nowadays commercially available 3D kinematic systems for a human motion analysis are offering almost exclusively a wand calibration. Still a 2D(More)
ća, a moguće i makrofaga. Abstract. Adult skeletal muscle is an extremely dynamic tissue which has a tremendous ability of regeneration after muscle injury. These processes are highly synchronized involving the activation of well-defined population of muscle stem cells called satellite cells. After injury skeletal muscle initiate a rapid and extensive(More)
The purpose of the study was a biodynamic analysis of the kinematic, dynamic and EMG parameters of two types of drop jumps (heights of 25 cm and 45 cm). The sample of measured subjects included four female elite triple jump athletes, with their best results varying from 13.33 to 15.06 meters. The kinematic and dynamic parameters were calculated with the use(More)
BACKGROUND It is generally accepted that muscles may activate via the common nociceptive flexion reflex (NFR) in response to painful stimuli associated with tensile or compressive forces on peripheral nerves. Following the basic assumption that the radial nerve may be stressed around the elbow during the execution of the Mills manipulation, two positions(More)
nespecifične križobolje. Abstract. Non-specific low back pain is a serious health and socioeconomic problem because of its frequency, chronicity, recurrence and functional and work restrictions in patients. Frequent absence of cause determination and poor correlation of the symptoms and diagnostics with imaging techniques, primarily magnetic resonance(More)
The predominance in performing surgery of major spine injuries by neurosurgeons usually has the consequence of treating all types of spine injuries by neurosurgeons - neurotraumatologists. In the neurosurgical wards of Clinical Hospital Rijeka, we take care of the majority of these patients, following both the major, as well as minor--whiplash injuries of(More)