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An approach to hyperolactone C and analogues using late stage conjugate addition on an oxonium ylide-derived spirofuranone.
A stereocontrolled synthesis of norphenyl hyperolactone C together with its utility as a direct precursor to the anti-HIV agent hyperolactone C and analogues by addition of organolithiums, areExpand
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New intra–intermolecular criss-cross cycloaddition of unsymmetrical allenylazines with alkynes leading to three fused five-membered heterocycles
Abstract This report describes a new type of intra–intermolecular criss-cross cycloadditions. Thermal reactions of unsymmetrical allenylazines in the presence of alkynes led to three fusedExpand
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Combined intra-intermolecular criss-cross cycloaddition of a new fluorinated unsymmetrical allenylazine with alkynes
Abstract The reaction of a new fluorinated unsymmetrical allenylazine with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate and phenylacetylene affords the combined intra–intermolecular criss-cross cycloadditionExpand
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Intra–Intermolecular Criss‐cross Cycloaddition of Nonsymmetrical Allenylazines with Fluorinated Enones as an Initial Step in the Synthesis of4H‐Pyrrolo[1,2‐b]pyrazoles
Nonsymmetrical allenylazines undergo in boiling xylene intramolecular cycloaddition via formation of an unstable 1,3-dipole, which reacts with an added dipolarophile. In this paper we pay attentionExpand
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Homoallenyl azines in criss-cross cycloaddition reactions
Thermally initiated combined intra-intermolecular criss-cross cycloadditions of substituted nonsymmetrical allenyl azines with isocyanate or isothiocyanate dipolarophiles were investigated.Expand
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Microwave initiated in situ formed azomethine ylides from variously substituted allyloxy naphtahalene carbaldehydes and secondary amines in intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions
Application of microwave in intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition and stereospecifity of the reactions. Reactions were ivestigated at variously substituted naphtalene skeletons bearing in alfa,Expand