Stanislav Mamonov

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The advent of the Internet has facilitated many new forms of communication and thus has laid the foundation for new forms of interaction and social organization. The challenges of gaining insight into the social processes that occur in these newly emerging digital spaces require the development of new research approaches and methodologies. Netnography, or(More)
Business analytics is a fast-growing area in practice. The rapid growth of business analytics in practice in the recent years is mirrored by a corresponding fast evolution of new educational programs. While more than 130 graduate and undergraduate degree programs in business analytics have been launched in the past 5 years, no commonly accepted model of(More)
Social commerce is a growing trend in practice and an important area of research, yet there have been few studies exploring social commerce in the context of social networking sites. This study begins to address this gap in research by identifying salient user beliefs influencing the intention to use a gift-giving service on a social networking site. The(More)
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