Stanislav Kracmar

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We study the Oseen problem with rotational effect in exterior three-dimensional domains. Using a variational approach we prove existence and uniqueness theorems in anisotropically weighted Sobolev spaces in the whole three-dimensional space. As the main tool we derive and apply an inequality of the Friedrichs-Poincaré type and the theory of Calderon-Zygmund(More)
We establish the existence and uniqueness of weak solution of the three-dimensional nonhomogeneous stationary Oseen flow around a rotating body in an exterior domain. This article is extension of the previous results on the whole space. For the present extension to the case of exterior domains, we will use the localization procedure (see e.g. KoSo). In this(More)
Leading terms of velocity and its gradient of the stationary rotational viscous incompressible flows with nonzero velocity at infinity. Abstract We consider the Navier-Stokes system with Oseen and rotational terms describing the stationary flow of a viscous incompressible fluid around a rigid body moving at a constant velocity and rotating at a constant(More)
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