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In this paper, criteria of divisibility of the class number h + of the real cyclotomic field Q(ζp + ζ −1 p) of a prime conductor p and of a prime degree l by primes q the order modulo l of which is l−1 2 , are given. A corollary of these criteria is the possibility to make a computational proof that a given q does not divide h + for any p (conductor) such(More)
The aim of this paper is to give new results about factorizations of the Fibonacci numbers F n and the Lucas numbers L n. These numbers are defined by the second order recurrence relation a n+2 = a n+1 + a n with the initial terms F 0 = 0, F 1 = 1 and L 0 = 2, L 1 = 1, respectively. Proofs of theorems are done with the help of connections between(More)
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