Stanislav Drozdov

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The regeneration of rat aorta intima and medial layer was examined after extensive freeze injury that caused the death of both endothelial and smooth muscle cells. After 1 month complete re-endothelialization of the denuded area was observed. In parallel, myointimal thickening was formed by the smooth muscle cells (SMC) from the uninjured edges and its(More)
Carbon dioxide exchange in the intact and reclaimed sites of a woodless mesooligotrophic dwarf shrub–cotton grass–sphagnum bog was studied in field experiments. The average values of gross respiration in the ecosystem over the warm period (including respiration of plant cover, CO2emission from peat, and CO2flow from the litter) were 3.17 and 6.11 g(More)
An incompressible liquid flow in the gap between two coaxial cylinders, such that the inner rotating (wavy) cylinder has a periodically varying radius along the axial direction while the outer stationary cylinder has a constant radius, is studied experimentally and theoretically. The basic attention is focused on the symmetry-breaking phenomenon of the(More)
Multifactorial experiments were performed to study the diurnal dynamics of CO2 exchange in intact cucumber plants (Cucumis sativus L.). Based on experimental data, we analyzed the models of net photosynthesis, night respiration, and biomass accumulation. This analysis allowed us to resolve the growth component of respiration and to determine the diurnal(More)
The coefficient of effectiveness (K e) of assimilated CO2 conversion into dry matter of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) plants at the stage of four leaves as dependent on a photoperiod (8, 12, and 16 h) at an irradiance of 220 W/m2 at the upper leaf level and the combinations of day and night temperatures: typical temperature of plant habitat (background(More)
The effect of soil temperature on CO2 exchange of intact narrowleaf lupine variety Siderat 38 plants depending on illumination level and air temperature is studied in a multifactorial experiment under controlled environmental conditions. It is shown that the strength of influence of soil temperature on net photosynthesis of plants depends to a considerable(More)
The effect of cold hardening on CO2 exchange in plants of two red clover varieties is studied under controlled environmental conditions within the framework of a multifactor experiment. It is shown that hardening reduces the potential maximum net photosynthesis of plants, changing the light and temperature conditions that provide achieving it, and increases(More)