Stanislav Bobovych

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Evaluating and debugging solar panel-driven systems is a cumbersome process. The system must be deployed in the wild, software and hardware bugs identified remotely, and the development cycle must be repeated to build a robust system. Emulation platforms for solar panels offer a plausible remedy, however, existing systems have narrow operating range and are(More)
Falls are a major cause of injuries in adults above the age of sixty-five. The economic aftermath of falls and their consequent hospitalization can be huge, totaling more than 30 billion dollars in 2010 alone. A plausible way of mitigating this problem is accurate prediction of future falls and taking proactive remedial action. Spatio-temporal variation in(More)
Evaluating and debugging solar panel driven systems can be a tedious and cumbersome process. The system must be deployed outdoors and evaluated across a wide range of lighting and temperature conditions. Therefore, for ease, several solar panel driven sensor and embedded systems today are evaluated at a particular location for a relatively short period of(More)
The aftermath of a natural disaster is characterized by lack of a reliable medium for dissemination of information to survivors. The state-of-the-art emergency response systems rely on satellite radio-enabled devices, but survivors, unlike first responders, do not have access to such devices. To mitigate this problem, we present perpetuu, a solar-powered(More)
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