Stanislav A. NIKITIN

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We have investigated the anisotropy of the magnetocaloric effect in a NdCo₅ single crystal in a wide range of temperatures, including the spin-reorientation temperature region. In the field μ(0)H =1.3 T in the spin-reorientation region 250-310 K, we discovered a giant rotating magnetocaloric effect of ~ 1.6 K, caused by rotation of the magnetization vector.(More)
In the summers of 2001 and 2002, glacio-climatological research was performed at 4110– 4120ma.s.l. on the Belukha snow/firn plateau, Siberian Altai. Hundreds of samples from snow pits and a 21m snow/firn core were collected to establish the annual/seasonal/monthly depth–accumulation scale, based on stable-isotope records, stratigraphic analyses and(More)
A new model for spatial convective transport processes conjugated with the measured or calculated realistic quasi-steady microaccelerations is presented. Rotation around the mass center, including accelerated rotation, gravity gradient, and aerodynamical drag are taken into account. New results of the effect on mixing and concentration inhomogeneities of(More)
Peculiarities of the isothermal and isentropic equilibrium in highly compressible media with nonperfect state equations are discussed. Formulation of the adiabatic temperature gradient using Schwarzschild criterion and equilibrium equations for nonperfect gas are considered. Criterion for the onset of convection in the van der Waals (VDW) gas is examined(More)
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