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— This paper presents a new condition, the fully physical consistency for a set of inertial parameters to determine if they can be generated by a physical rigid body. The proposed condition ensure both the positive definiteness and the triangular inequality of 3D inertia matrices as opposed to existing techniques in which the triangular inequality(More)
— We present preliminary results in porting our multi-contact non-gaited motion planning framework to operate in real environments where the surroundings are acquired using an embedded camera together with a depth map sensor. We consider the robot to have no a priori knowledge of the environment , and propose a scheme to extract the information relevant for(More)
We describe the research and the integration methods we developed to make the HRP-2 humanoid robot climb vertical industrial-norm ladders. We use our multi-contact planner and multi-objective closed-loop control formulated as a QP (quadratic program). First, a set of contacts to climb the ladder is planned off-line (automatically or by the user). These(More)
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