Stanisa Peric

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An anti-lock braking system control is a rather difficult problem due to its strongly nonlinear and uncertain characteristics. To overcome these difficulties, robust control methods should be employed such as a sliding mode control. The aim of this paper is to give a short overview of sliding mode control techniques implemented in the control of ABS. The(More)
The paper presents the design of discrete-time quasi-sliding mode voltage controller for DC-DC buck converter. The control algorithm is realized by measuring only sensed output voltage. No current measurements and time derivatives of output voltage are necessary. The proposed quasi-sliding mode controller provides stable output voltage, exhibiting(More)
A new intelligent hybrid structure used for online tuning of a PID controller is proposed in this paper. The structure is based on two adaptive neural networks, both with built-in Chebyshev orthogonal polynomials. First substructure network is a regular orthogonal neural network with implemented artificial endocrine factor (OENN), in the form of(More)
A combination of two control methods, sliding mode and fuzzy, for the wheel slip control in anti-lock braking system, is presented in this paper. The fuzzy block is used to determine the values of key parameters important for establishing switching function dynamics. It is demonstrated, via performed experiments, that proposed control algorithm gives good(More)
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