Stanisław Nowak

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UNLABELLED A possible role of anomalies in number and insertion of pulmonary veins (PV) in initiating atrial fibrillation (AF) has been suggested. It has been shown as well that changes in anatomy of PVs such as enlargement may have an effect on arrhythmogenesis. The aim of the study was to compare anatomy of the left atrium (LA) and PVs in patients with AF(More)
Giant "invasive" schwannomas of the spine occur occasionally, most frequently in the lumbar region. We present the case of a 46-year-old woman with giant "invasive" schwannoma of the lumbar spine, with a 12-year history of illness. The tu-mour originated in the vertebral canal and passed through the paraspinal muscles and retroperitoneal area to the(More)
The degree of random orientation of excited diphenylhexatriene molecules in isolated erythrocyte membrane ghosts was investigated in order to determine the possible effect of lipid disorders on membrane structure in children suffering from type I diabetes mellitus with and without diabetic retinopathic lesions. A decrease of cholesterol in the(More)
Malignant gliomas represent the most devastating group of brain tumors in adults, among which glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) exhibits the highest malignancy rate. Despite combined modality treatment, GBM recurs and is invariably fatal. A further insight into the molecular background of gliomagenesis is required to improve patient outcomes. The primary aim of(More)
Neonatal platelets have been occasionally reported to show a reduced response to various agonists. The molecular mechanism(s) of such a depressed reactivity remains unclear. To further address this problem we studied neonatal platelet activation with thrombin, TRAP (thrombin receptor activating peptide,(More)
There are no good blood and serum biomarkers for detection, follow up, or prognosis of brain tumors. However, they are needed for more detailed tumor classification, better prognosis estimation and selection of an efficient therapeutic strategy. The aim of this study was to use the epigenetic changes in DNA of peripheral blood samples as a molecular marker(More)
The aim of the study was the microscopic evaluation of internal structure of cuprophane and polysulfone membrane and their surface analysis before and after reprocessing. The investigations were performed using an optical measurement system (Digital Instruments), a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and an atomic force microscope (AFM). We confirmed by SEM(More)
The effect of cigarette smoking on gastric emptying was studied in 18 healthy volunteers by means of an isotopic method. Although the observed individual reactions were fairly variable, cigarette smoking significantly delayed gastric emptying of a solid meal. Potential mechanisms of action of cigarette smoking on gastric emptying are discussed, including(More)
The effect of cigarette smoking on gastric emptying (GE) of a radiolabelled solid meal was examined in 14 patients with an active duodenal ulcer. The patients underwent GE measurement thrice: under basal conditions and for two smoking sessions, without and after cimetidine pretreatment (2 X 400 mg orally for 2 days and 400 mg orally 1.5 h before the(More)
Despite the growing understanding of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, cancers of the central nervous system are usually associated with unfavorable prognosis. The use of an appropriate molecular marker may improve the treatment outcome by allowing early diagnosis and treatment susceptibility monitoring. Since methylation of tumor-derived DNA can be(More)