Stanisław Lamperski

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The effect of anisotropic ion shapes on the structure and the differential capacitance of an electric double layer in the electrolyte solution regime is studied using the density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulations. The double layer is modelled by a uniformly charged, non-polarizable planar electrode next to an electrolyte where the cation is a(More)
Theoretical difficulties in describing the structure and thermodynamics of an ionic liquid double layer are often associated with the nonspherical shapes of ionic particles and extremely strong electrostatic interactions. The recent density functional theory predictions for the electrochemical properties of the double layer formed by a model ionic liquid(More)
Even though ionic liquids are composed of nonspherical ions, it is shown here that the general features of the capacitance of an electrical double layer can be obtained using a charged hard sphere model. We have shown in our earlier studies that at high electrolyte concentrations or large magnitudes of the electrode charge density the fact that the ions(More)
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