Stanisław Duda

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Gadolinium DOTA (Gd-DOTA) is a magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agent similar to Gd-DTPA but with greater stability in vitro. The effects of a high intravenous dose (0.5 mmol/kg) of Gd-DOTA (1360 mOsm/kg) on renal excretory function and its general systemic effects are examined in this animal study. This dose was selected to accentuate and better define the(More)
From 1.01.1992 to 31.12.1998 ill prisoners were treated because of so called spontaneous pneumothorax. Their age was between 24 to 57, which was 33 in average. All of them were males and heavy smokers. In one case of the coat pneumothorax the treatment was limited only to the breathing exercises, to ten other patients an under-water-seal drainage was(More)
Prototypes of Polish knitted vascular grafts with velours on two sides were implanted into abdominal aorta of 6 dogs. Suturing was easy, permeation was small and it stopped after 2.5 min. The grafts healed in well, and were covered with the even layer of lining. Recapitulating it can be concluded that Polish knitted vascular grafts with velours on two sides(More)
Three cases with single and one with multiple hepatic abscesses were performed. Clinical signs, like fever, enlargement and tenderness of the liver, leukocytosis and occasionally jaundice are not symptomatic. Abdominal ultrasound and CT scans are the most useful diagnostic tests, providing accurate information regarding the presence, size, number and(More)