Stanisław Łukawski

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INTRODUCTION The return to work of patients who undergo spinal surgery poses important medical and social challenge. OBJECTIVES 1) To establish whether patients who undergo spinal stenosis surgery later return to work. 2) To establish the patient's attitude towards employment. 3) To assess the quality of life of the patients and its influence on their(More)
BACKGROUND Back pain poses a serious clinical problem in some cases, because under the clinical symptoms of back pain might be other hidden diseases. The aim of this study was to present difficulties in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the spine and 2. description to the flagship division, based on the traffic lights. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Advances in digital computed tomography prompted the authors to use this technique to measure correlations between the lumbar spinal canal and the dural sac. The aim of the study was to: 1. Evaluate the value of surgical decompression of neural structures using digital computed tomography. 2. Establish mathematical correlations between the(More)
BACKGROUND The study of lumbar spine pathology requires adequate preparation and knowledge of the normal structure of this part of the spine. The main goal of the study was to assess spinal canal morphology with computed tomography. The sagittal and interpedicular dimensions and surface area were considered the most important measurements. An additional(More)
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