Stanimir S Kondov

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Anderson localization (AL) is a ubiquitous interference phenomenon in which waves fail to propagate in a disordered medium. We observe three-dimensional AL of noninteracting ultracold matter by allowing a spin-polarized atomic Fermi gas to expand into a disordered potential. A two-component density distribution emerges consisting of an expanding mobile(More)
We observe the emergence of a disorder-induced insulating state in a strongly interacting atomic Fermi gas trapped in an optical lattice. This closed quantum system, free of a thermal reservoir, realizes the disordered Fermi-Hubbard model, which is a minimal model for strongly correlated electronic solids. We observe disorder-induced localization of a(More)
We report on the impact of variable-scale disorder on 3D Anderson localization of a noninteracting ultracold atomic gas. A spin-polarized gas of fermionic atoms is localized by allowing it to expand in an optical speckle potential. Using a sudden quench of the localized density distribution, we verify that the density profile is representative of the(More)
The Bose-Hubbard hamiltonian will be introduced and justified as an effective description of some relevant physical systems (dilute alkali gases in optical lattices, arrays of Josephson junctions). I will also show a mean field theory solution and the resulting phase diagram. Finally, I will describe in detail one of the more important experiments with an(More)
Gegenwärtig gibt es keine standardisierte Möglichkeit, gleichzeitig ein Aortenklappenvitium und ein Aneurysma bzw. eine Dissektion der Aorta ascendens endovaskulär zu behandeln. Unser Ziel war es, eine neue kathetergestützte Aortenklappenprothese mit integriertem Aorta-Stentgraft zu entwickeln. Das Konzept dieses neuen kombinierten endovaskulären(More)
The interplay of strong interactions and magnetic fields gives rise to unusual forms of superconductivity and magnetism in quantum many-body systems. Here, we present an experimental study of the two-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model-a paradigm for strongly correlated fermions on a lattice-in the presence of a Zeeman field and varying doping. Using(More)
We study a two-component quasi-two-dimensional Fermi gas with imbalanced spin populations. We probe the gas at different interaction strengths and polarizations by measuring the density of each spin component in the trap and the pair momentum distribution after time of flight. For a wide range of experimental parameters, we observe in-trap phase separation(More)
Die endovaskuläre Aortentherapie („endovascular aortic repair“, EVAR) ist heute Therapie der Wahl bei vielen Aortenpathologien. Alle Pathologien in fast allen Segmenten der Aorta können mithilfe von Stentgrafts effektiv behandelt werden. Von distal nach proximal betrachtet, gehört die endovaskuläre Behandlung des Bauchaortenaneurysma zu den häufigsten(More)