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Over the past decade, video has become the dominant form of traffic consumed over content delivery networks (CDNs). This trend, coupled with the ever-increasing subscriber base, has caused an explosion of data demands in a wide variety of scenarios. Such trends have resulted in heightened levels of congestion within today’s terrestrial networks and are(More)
This paper presents an automatic tool for image analysis applied to semiconductor in-line inspections. The goal of this tool is to understand automatically which contacts in the wafer have been not completely etched during the plasma process and an etch step. For this reason we developed an algorithm able to classify the observed structures in scanning(More)
We describe an approach to the speciication of concurrent systems which enables a Petri net model of a system to be built up in a systematic way starting from a trace-based CSP speciication. This method enables the separate speciication of the behaviour of each component (process) and their interactions in terms of the feasible sequences of events in which(More)
Well deened procedures to the construction of models are necessary in order to support the real applicability of modelling techniques in the industrial settings where practical engineering means are required to model and evaluate complex systems and productive processes. This paper describes the application of two diierent approaches to the construction of(More)
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