Stan Miklavcic

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In this paper we propose a twin mirror-based system for reconstructing 3D models of real plants for subsequent phenotypic analysis. The method is based on the visual hull concept: multiple reflections of the object from the mirrors give different views of the object and are interpreted as taken from virtual cameras. The epipolar geometry of the object and(More)
Ellipse and conic fitting is a highly researched and mature topic in image processing and computer vision. Surprisingly, however, none of the methods have thus far considered eccentricity of data point sets in the fitting of an ellipse. In this paper we show that irrespective of the method used to fit ellipses , the root mean square error (RMSE) of an(More)
—In this paper we report on development and analysis of a high throughput 3D reconstruction setup for reconstructing cereal plants grown in pots for their phenotypic analysis. We are motivated with the idea of accurate and high-throughput reconstruction of shoots. We have developed a turntable setup for high-throughput and high accuracy 3D reconstruction of(More)