Stan Karanasios

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In this paper, critical realism and activity theory are compared within the context of theorizing technology-mediated organizational change. An activity theoretic analysis of the implementation of large-scale disruptive information systems in a public sector setting (in particular concerning paramedic treatment of heart attack patients and ambulance(More)
Modularisation is crucial to create re-usable and manageable ontologies. The modularisation is usually performed <i>a posteriori</i>, i.e. after the ontology is developed, and has been applied mainly to well-structured domains. With the increasing popularity of social media, Semantic web technologies are moving towards <i>ill-defined</i> domains that(More)
This paper provides an analysis of a broadband implementation in the town of Slavutych, Ukraine. Slavutych was purposefully built 50km from Chernobyl shortly after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) disaster in 1986 to house personnel of ChNPP and their families evacuated from the city of Prip'yat. Drawing on activity theory and in particular the(More)
Received: 28 December 2011 Revised: 9 October 2012 2nd Revision: 23 July 2013 3rd Revision: 8 December 2013 4th Revision: 9 May 2014 5th Revision: 13 June 2014 Accepted: 19 June 2014 Abstract Mobile technology and the information and communication services supported by it have become increasingly embedded in, and in some cases transformed, work and social(More)
Social Web content such as blogs, videos and other user-generated content present a vast source of rich “digital-traces” of individuals’ experiences. The use of digital traces to provide insight into human behavior remains underdeveloped. Recently, ontological approaches have been exploited for tagging and linking digital traces, with progress made in(More)
Received: 16 October 2011 Revised: 7 March 2012 2nd Revision: 22 October 2012 3rd Revision: 7 January 2013 4th Revision: 19 February 2013 Accepted: 22 March 2013 Abstract Public sector inter-organisational information sharing and interoperability is an area of increasing concern and intense investment for practice and an area of increasing scholarship. This(More)