Stan G Vermilyea

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OBJECTIVES The relationship between osteoporosis and periodontal disease is not understood. The aim of this study was to examine the association between bone mineral density (BMD) and periodontal status in a population of Asian-American women. DESIGN Cross-sectional investigation of the association between systemic BMD and periodontal status. (More)
A study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of interim restorations on the dimensional stability of composite post and core buildups subjected to moisture during the fabrication of cast restorations. Dimensional change associated with composite dowel and core buildups did not significantly alter the fit of cast restorations compared with natural teeth(More)
The following conclusions were made concerning the effects of carbon fiber orientation on the flexural fatigue resistance and bending properties of two denture base acrylic resins. Hi-I resin, regardless of fiber presence or orientation, was more resistant to flexural fatigue than Lucitone resin. Carbon fibers placed perpendicular to the direction of(More)
Twenty human patients participated in a study designed to compare electrosurgery with blade-loop knives for the excision of inflammatory papillary hyperplasia in a split-mouth study. Questionnaires were used to assess pain and patient preference during a 2-week postoperative period, and photographs were made to chronicle the healing process. Healing(More)
The acceptability of lateral interocclusal records by the Hanau H-2 articulator was studied on 28 edentulous patients. Acceptability was determined in both right and left lateral jaw movements. Of the 56 lateral interocclusal records made, 39 (70%) were accepted by the Hanau model H-2 articulator.
Two ophthalmic and four dental irreversible hydrocolloid materials were tested in vitro to determine the initial pH and changes in pH to completion of set over 4 minutes. The ophthalmic Moldite material became more basic during its setting whereas the ophthalmic Moldeye material remained stable throughout the setting. The other materials tested decreased in(More)
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