Stamos Trakadas

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Transient mutism after posterior fossa surgery in children or associated with cerebellar hemorrhage or trauma is a recognized phenomenon. However, its association with parainflammatory cerebellitis has been rarely described. We report on a previously healthy 3-year-old child with severe cerebellitis after acute gastroenteritis of unidentified cause. Severe(More)
Localisation of spinal cord lesions by MRI was correlated with neurological symptoms and signs in 16 patients with clinical and laboratory evidence of multiple sclerosis. There was good correspondence between spinal cord lesions and motor tract signs. On the other hand, superficial or deep sensory disturbances correlated with spinal cord lesions in only(More)
A 54-year-old man first was admitted with a right oculomotor nerve palsy that ameliorated spontaneously. Two months later, he was readmitted with right proptosis, ophthalmoplegia, and optic nerve involvement. MR showed an enlarged right cavernous sinus. There was dramatic improvement after high doses of steroids. MR findings 10 months later were normal.(More)
The role of cerebral and spinal cord MRI was investigated in 65 patients with myelopathy suspected of having demyelinating disease. Cerebral MRI demonstrated lesions compatible with demyelination in 80% and spinal cord MRI in 68.6%. In 28.5% of our patients brain lesions were present with normal spinal cord images, but in 17% spinal cord lesions were(More)
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