Stamatis Zampetakis

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As increasing volumes of RDF data are being produced and analyzed, many massively distributed architectures have been proposed for storing and querying this data. These architectures are characterized first, by their RDF partitioning and storage method, and second, by their approach for distributed query optimization, i.e., determining which operations to(More)
The visualization of ontologies is a challenging task especially if they are large. We will demonstrate StarLion, a system providing exploratory visualizations which enhance the user understanding. StarLion combines many of the existing visualization methods with some novel features for providing better 2D layouts. Specifically, one distinctive feature of(More)
Since the beginning of the Semantic Web initiative, significant efforts have been invested in finding efficient ways to publish, store, and query metadata on the Web. RDF and SPARQL have become the standard data model and query language, respectively, to describe resources on the Web. Large amounts of RDF data are now available either as stand-alone(More)
Fact checking and data journalism are currently strong trends. The sheer amount of data at hand makes it difficult even for trained professionals to spot biased, outdated or simply incorrect information. We propose to demonstrate FactMinder, a fact checking and analysis assistance application. SIGMOD attendees will be able to analyze documents using(More)
The visualization of ontologies is a challenging task especially if they are large. In this paper we propose a visualization approach which is based on star-like graphs of variable radius which enables users to gradually explore and navigate through the entire ontology without overloading them. The star-like graphs are visualized using a Force Directed(More)
RDF is an increasingly popular data model for many practical applications, leading to large volumes of RDF data; efficient RDF data management methods are crucial to allow applications to scale. We propose to demonstrate CliqueSquare, an RDF data management system built on top of a MapReduce-like infrastructure. The main technical novelty of CliqueSquare(More)
Data management goes through interesting times1, as the number of currently available data management systems (DMSs in short) is probably higher than ever before. This leads to unique opportunities for data-intensive applications, as some systems provide excellent performance on certain data processing operations. Yet, it also raises great challenges, as a(More)
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