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The most important asset of semisupervised classification methods is the use of available unlabeled data combined with a clearly smaller set of labeled examples, so as to increase the classification accuracy compared with the default procedure of supervised methods, which on the other hand use only the labeled data during the training phase. Both the(More)
Nowadays, more and more algorithms from fields of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have been arisen by many researchers from several scientific domains. Although the origins of the specific problems that these algorithms confront may be extremely differentiated or seem absolutely heterogeneous, they can still be arranged into a small(More)
Introduction of new schemes for recognizing hand gestures is an active research field related with these of Machine Learning (ML) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Numerous applications can be integrated with such automated algorithms for facilitating either more advanced or less experienced users inside their working or educational environment. A(More)
Adoption of techniques from fields related with Data Science, such as Machine Learning, Data Mining and Predictive Analysis, in the task of bankruptcy prediction can produce useful knowledge for both the policy makers and the organizations that are already funding or are interested in acting towards this direction in the near future. The nature of this task(More)