Stamatios Lefkimmiatis

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We present nonquadratic Hessian-based regularization methods that can be effectively used for image restoration problems in a variational framework. Motivated by the great success of the total-variation (TV) functional, we extend it to also include second-order differential operators. Specifically, we derive second-order regularizers that involve matrix(More)
We introduce a novel family of invariant, convex, and non-quadratic functionals that we employ to derive regularized solutions of ill-posed linear inverse imaging problems. The proposed regularizers involve the Schatten norms of the Hessian matrix, which are computed at every pixel of the image. They can be viewed as second-order extensions of the popular(More)
This paper presents a robust and general method for estimating the transfer functions of microphone array post-filters, derived under various speech enhancement criteria. For the case of the mean square error (MSE) criterion, the proposed method is an improvement of the existing McCowan post-filter, which under the assumption of a known noise field(More)
We present an improved statistical model for analyzing Poisson processes, with applications to photon-limited imaging. We build on previous work, adopting a multiscale representation of the Poisson process in which the ratios of the underlying Poisson intensities (rates) in adjacent scales are modeled as mixtures of conjugate parametric distributions. Our(More)
Poisson inverse problems arise in many modern imaging applications, including biomedical and astronomical ones. The main challenge is to obtain an estimate of the underlying image from a set of measurements degraded by a linear operator and further corrupted by Poisson noise. In this paper, we propose an efficient framework for Poisson image reconstruction,(More)
We introduce a generic convex energy functional that is suitable for both grayscale and vector-valued images. Our functional is based on the eigenvalues of the structure tensor, therefore it penalizes image variation at every point by taking into account the information from its neighborhood. It generalizes several existing variational penalties, such as(More)
We propose a novel deep network architecture for grayscale and color image denoising that is based on a non-local image model. Our motivation for the overall design of the proposed network stems from variational methods that exploit the inherent non-local self-similarity property of natural images. We build on this concept and introduce deep networks that(More)
This paper proposes a post-filtering estimation scheme for multichannel noise reduction. The proposed method extends and improves the existing Zelinski’s and, the most general and prominent, McCowan’s post-filtering methods that use the autoand crossspectral densities of the multichannel input signals to estimate the transfer function of the Wiener(More)
We have recently introduced a class of non-quadratic Hessian-based regularizers as a higher-order extension of the total variation (TV) functional. These regularizers retain some of the most favorable properties of TV while they can effectively deal with the staircase effect that is commonly met in TV-based reconstructions. In this work we propose a novel(More)
We introduce a novel generic energy functional that we employ to solve inverse imaging problems within a variational framework. The proposed regularization family, termed as structure tensor total variation (STV), penalizes the eigenvalues of the structure tensor and is suitable for both grayscale and vector-valued images. It generalizes several existing(More)