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Investigating solid waste production and associated management practices in private dental units.
In the municipality of Thessaloniki in 2006 mercury-bearing dental wastes were not managed properly by 80% of dentists and metal-bearing waste was handled in accordance with internationallyExpand
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Investigation of the household hazardous waste stream in a Hellenic municipality
Hazardous waste (HW) in small quantities generated by households is often dumped into the mixed household waste. A variety of chemicals was recorded during a field research presented in the presentExpand
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Implementation of a multi-variable regression analysis in the assessment of the generation rate and composition of hospital solid waste for the design of a sustainable management system in developing
Forecasting of hospital solid waste generation is a critical challenge for future planning. The composition and generation rate of hospital solid waste in hospital units was the field where theExpand
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Residents’ concerns and attitudes toward solid waste management facilities in Palestine: A case study of Hebron district
Because of many limitations, the siting, construction and operation of a new solid waste management (SWM) facility is a significant challenge in Palestine. A SWM facility should operate in aExpand
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Barriers on the propagation of renewable energy sources and sustainable solid waste management practices in Greece
Renewable energy sources (RES), excluding large hydroelectric plants, currently produce 4.21% of total electricity production in Greece. Even when considering the additional production from largeExpand
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SUMMARY: In this paper a Hellenic funded project activities are described; the project, emphasis is put on recycling and the particular principle that will be pursued behind this concept is toExpand
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Bio-based circular economy in European national and regional strategies
In circular economy (Ce), the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible. What has previously been considered waste is now a resource that can be reused and reintroduced toExpand
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Investigation of the Chemical Content of Two Specific Streams in Municipal Waste: The Case of Hazardous Household Waste and Dental Waste.
A variety of chemicals is included in the household hazardous waste and the dental waste fractions that are sadly both parts of municipal solid waste in Greece. These chemical compounds haveExpand