Stainam Nogueira Brandão

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The important role given to domain ontologies for knowledge representation implies increasing need for development and maintenance of them. However, we have a scarcity of tools supporting the life cycle from creation to management and adaptation. Our research group focuses on developing an autonomic process for knowledge representation through a systematic(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) offers good solutions for many applications such as large data sharing and collaboration. Thus, it appears as a powerful paradigm to develop scalable distributed applications, as reflected by the increasing number of emerging projects based on this technology. However, building trustworthy P2P collaborative tool is difficult because they(More)
The constant changes in social, economic and political scenario have required tightly response time from organizations and ability to reconfigure its resources to remain competitive. In this context, this article aims at presenting a recommendation mechanism for a competence model to improve the competence gaps analysis and identify the better Development(More)
This work presents a spatial distribution analysis of Brazilian Atlantic Forest Bromeliad species catalogued by the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens Research Institute. Our analysis aims at identifying probable endangered species and conservation areas (environmental reservations) for specific Bromeliad species. For that, we propose a solution using Data(More)
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