Staffan Sohlberg

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Developmental change in the impact of stressful life events and coping styles were assessed among Israeli preadolescent and adolescent boys. A school sample completed a questionnaire tapping emotionally, cognitively, and practically oriented styles of coping, along with a life event survey. Teachers reported on behavior and adjustment. Analyses revealed(More)
The present article reports findings on intelligence and personality functioning during the school period and at adolescence in a sample of kibbutz and urban Israeli children at risk for schizophrenia, as measured by a standard psychological test battery. On the first round of testing it was found that the index subjects, when compared with their controls,(More)
The study children were given two group-administered tests: the Raven's Matrices and an arithmetic achievement test. In addition they were observed in their classrooms, and also ranked by their classmates in terms of standard sociometric measures. The index children tended to perform somewhat more poorly on the arithmetic and Raven's Matrices tests than the(More)
INTRODUCTION Although evidence suggests that interpersonal psychotherapy may be an efficacious treatment for eating disorders, there is surprisingly little systematic knowledge about the interpersonal world of these patients. METHOD SASB self-image ratings were used to explore interpersonal profiles in a large heterogeneous sample of eating disorders (N =(More)
The frequency of anorectic/bulimic disturbances in a sample of male and female subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus was compared to that of male and female normal controls. The results suggest an overrepresentation of anorexia/bulimia in the female diabetics. Prevalence of eating disorders was determined from the scores on the Eating Attitudes(More)
The practice of statistical inference in psychological research is critically reviewed. Particular emphasis is put on the fast pace of change from the sole reliance on null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) to the inclusion of effect size estimates, confidence intervals, and an interest in the Bayesian approach. We conclude that these developments are(More)
A strong recent focus on unconscious processes has increased interest in subliminal stimulation and other experimental activation technologies. Five experiments using male and female university students (N = 365) were carried out to compare 5-ms exposures of "mommy and I" stimuli with 5-ms control stimulation. Measures of self-mother similarity and other(More)
INTRODUCTION Drop-out from treatment is a serious problem in eating disorders which remains poorly understood. The present study investigated whether self-image and interpersonal theory could help to explain why eating disorder patients drop out of treatment. METHOD Intake data on eating disorder patients who terminated treatment prematurely (N=54) were(More)
Systematic observations of the behavior of high-risk and control children were made during the clinical interview, the neurological examination, psychometric testing, and the experimental psychological test battery. Children were unaware that observations of them were being made and recorded. In all four examination settings, index children were seen as(More)