Staffan Rydblom

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This paper shows that the liquid water content (LWC) and the median volume diameter (MVD) can be derived from the images of water droplets using a shadowgraph imaging system with incoherent LED illumination. Icing on structures, such as a wind turbine, is the result of a combination of LWC and MVD, and other parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and(More)
This thesis describes the exploration of amethod tomeasure the droplet size and the concentration of atmospheric liquid water. The purpose is to find a cost effective technique to detect the conditions for icing on structures. Icing caused by freezing atmospheric water can be a significant problem for infrastructure such as power lines, roads and air(More)
An instrument for measuring water droplets is described and constructed. It is designed to measure the volume concentration and the size distribution of droplets in order to detect icing conditions in a natural fog. The instrument works by shadowgraph imaging, with a collimated blue LED as background illumination. We show how to use a reference object to(More)
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