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V-Dem Codebook V7
Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy: A New Approach
In the wake of the Cold War, democracy has gained the status of a mantra. Yet there is no consensus about how to conceptualize and measure regimes such that meaningful comparisons can be made throughExpand
V-Dem Codebook V6
All variables that V-Dem is compiling are included in the Codebook.
Measuring Polyarchy Across the Globe, 1900–2017
This paper presents a new measure polyarchy for a global sample of 182 countries from 1900 to 2017 based on the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) data, deriving from an expert survey of more than 3000Expand
V-Dem Dataset v7
V-Dem Dataset V7. Most comprehensive dataset on democracy, now covering 17 million data points on democracy and 177 countries in the world up to 2016.
V-Dem Codebook V10
This Codebook includes all the variables that V-Dem is compiling in 2019 dataset.
Explaining the homogeneous diffusion of COVID-19 nonpharmaceutical interventions across heterogeneous countries
It is found that government policies are strongly driven by the policies initiated in other countries, and governments in countries with a stronger democratic structure are slower to react in the face of the pandemic but are more sensitive to the influence of other countries. Expand
V-Dem Codebook V8
All variables that V-Dem is compiling are included in the Codebook.
Measuring Electoral Democracy with V-Dem Data: Introducing a New Polyarchy Index
Previous versions of this paper were presented at the APSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, August 28-31, 2014, at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute of Social Sciences, Madrid, November 28, 2014,Expand
V-Dem Comparisons and Contrasts with Other Measurement Projects
For policymakers, activists, academics, and citizens around the world the conceptualization and measurement of democracy matters. The needs of democracy promoters and social scientists areExpand